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Fresh quality ingredients are one of the most important parts of any wine or beer experience. At Rocky Top, our supplies are always top of the line, and our quick turnover rate ensures that the products on our shelves are fresh.
Beer Ingredients Books
Rocky Top Classic Recipe Kits
(all of our kits come with all the ingredients you need to make 5 gallons)

  • Hawks Prairie Pale Ale
  • Way Pale Blond Ale
  • Oakland Bay Amber Ale
  • Oldtown Amber Altbier
  • Mud Bay Brown Ale
  • Nisqually Scotch Ale
  • Mossy Rock Mild Ale
  • Rainier Rye Ale
Please see our Beer Ingredients page for a full list of Recipe Kits and Supplies

Beer Books

  • New Complete Joy of Homebrewing
  • Clone Brews
  • North American Clone Brews
Wine Books
  • Winemakes Recipe Handbook
  • Enjoy Home Winemaking
  • Natural Wine Making
Cider, Pop, Vinegar and Liqueur Books

Cheese Making Books

Please see our Books page for a full list of Beer and Wine making Books

Chemicals Equipment
Chemicals for Beer and Wine

  • Yeast nutrient 2 oz / 1 lb / 5 lb
  • Diammonium Phosphate DAP 2 oz
  • Acid blend 4 oz / 1 lb / 5 lb
  • Tartaric acid 4 oz
  • Citric acid 4 oz / 1 lb
  • Malic acid 4 oz
  • Grape tannin 1 oz

Please see our Chemicals page for a full list of Chemicals for Beer and Wine

  • Airlocks and Stoppers
  • Bottles
  • Bottling Equipment
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Fermentation Containers
  • Funnels, Strainers, and Bags
  • Racking Equipment

Please see our Equipment page for a full list of Beer and Wine Equipment

Please choose the link below that interest you to find out more information about available products:

Finings and Clarifiers

Fruit Flavorings and Purees

Kegging Supplies

Liqueur Extracts

Mead Supplies

Sanitizers and Cleaners

Soda Extracts

Starter Kits

Wine Ingredients


We're here to help you enjoy the experience of making your own beer, wine, soda pop, and mead!

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